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According to data received from the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism and the Agency for Nature Protection and the Environment, after almost five years of preparation, these days, at last, the implementation of a project worth 1.1 million euros, funded by the European Commission under the IPA program, has begun. This project includes a review of the existing national air quality monitoring network, provision of missing measuring equipment, expansion of the existing network, and improvement of data quality and quantity.

Most recently, local media published an open letter from a tourist from Krasic, Sani Maynagol, which said that "official data on the state of air pollution in Tivat are absent, since the air quality measuring station has not been working for many years, and on the website of the Agency, the latest data on the results obtained at the measuring station are of 2013 and unfortunately the city authorities have not yet made any efforts to eliminate the shortcomings of faulty equipment and commissioning". 

The Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism and the Agency for Nature Protection and the Environment commented that the air quality data were on the portal of the Agency for Environmental Protection and the Environment. For this purpose, it is necessary to open on the banner "National air quality monitoring network" (Državna mreža za praćenje kvaliteta vazduha) and select the heading "Reports" (Izvještaji) starting from 2013.

"In Tivat, the concentration of PM 2.5 particles in air is monitored continuously from 2012 - the standard method determined by legislation, which is regularly published as part of the monthly air quality and dynamics reports, which is also regulated by legislation". Due to a malfunction of the concentration control analyzer Nitrogen oxides in real time, data on the concentration of this pollutant in Tivat are temporarily not available, "explains the leadership of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism and the Protection Agency of nature and environment.

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