Municipalities of Montenegro favored the introduction of fines for "naked" tourists

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The municipality of Budva in the future, after solving priority problems, can follow the example of the Croatian city of Hvar, which imposed a penalty for "naked" tourists, as well as being in a drunken state in the city and spending the night in the open air.

In Croatia on the island of Hvar, walking through the city streets in a swimsuit may result in a fine of 600 euros. A hundred euro less - a fine for men with a "naked torso" and women at the top of the swimsuit. For being on the street in a drunken state with a bottle in the hand is a fine of up to 700 euros.

The chairman of the Council for Tourism, Dragan Ivanchevich, "gave a green light" to this decision, saying that it could affect the behavior of tourists.
Ivanchevich commented that the step taken by the mayor of Khvar was a warning for the whole region, a stimulation of the promotion of high quality of tourism and observance of elementary norms of behavior.

The Mayor of Budva, Dragan Krapovich agrees and recognizes that the implementation of such measures as in Hvar, has a certain basis.
"The Budva municipality plans to develop this way in the future, but we still have many other issues to be resolved in the first place". Since Budva is very dynamic, I can say at once that in the peak of the tourist season it is much harder to consider and accept such Measures, given that other basic problems have not been solved so far, "Krapovich commented.

Mayor of Kotor Vladimir Jokich also agrees with the introduction of such measures and believes that non-compliance with the norms of behavior damages the tourism industry and the quality of life in the city as a whole, therefore, the adoption of such penalties in the form of fines will be potentially useful.

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