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Employees of the company "Čistoća" from Herceg Novi have recently cleaned Lastavitsa island with the fortress of Mamula at the entrance of the Bay of Kotor.

During cleaning and mowing down overgrown areas, which was attended by nine employees of the firm, it has been collected about 800 kilograms of waste.

The action was also attended by members of the NVO "Plavi Crne Gore" and Zoran Banichevich, who gave the employees a shuttle service to the island.
From the local administration is also received information about the nearest cleaning action of Shpanola fortress.
 Recall also that the Swiss company "Orascom Development holding" signed with the Government of Montenegro, a lease of Lastavitsa island with the fortress of Mamula for 49 years at a price of 1.5 euro per 1 m2 of the land, and at a price of 0.9 euros for a sea part, plus investment project by 15 million euros and the provision of 200 new jobs.
Expected profit forecasts is about EUR 7.5 million the next ten years.

Residents of Herceg Novi believe that by taking such actions Orascom make the island clean and show the "social responsibility".

In the middle of the XIX century the Austrian general and governor of Dalmatia Lazar Baron Mamula, who was also crowned by the godfather of the Montenegrin Prince Danilo Petrovic, laid Lastavitsa fortress on the island. The fortress was named after him (Mamula).
On the island, according to the order of Italian Admiral of the Sixth Army Corps Renzo Dalmatia, in the fortress Mamula on March 30, 1942 the camp "Nummer 11" was placed.
Prisoners of the camp were the antifascists, prisoners of war and civilians from Montenegro and eastern Herzegovina and Croatia - mainly from southern Dalmatia.

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