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More recently, in the courtyard of the Clinical Center, near the entrance to the physiotherapy department, a stork was found.

According to the Center for the Protection and Study of Birds, a white stork often appears in the courtyard of a hospital, in a parking lot, apparently preparing to fly to Africa.
The presence of this bird on the territory of the hospital is considered a good sign by both employees and patients. Also, near the Institute "Simo Milosevic" in Igalo, two other storks were seen stopping to rest.

Storks are birds of the urban environment, so it's not surprising at all to meet them in the city or near people. However, the staff of the bird protection center advise citizens not to approach them, but you can leave them food, solely the fish that they usually eat.

According to historical data, earlier this bird nested in large numbers in the territory of Ulcinj along the Boyana River and in the vicinity of Skadar Lake, where the famous Austrian ornithologist Otmar Raizer found about 60 active nests.

This year, as additional support for the restoration of white populations in Montenegro, two more platforms were created, one of which is near Berane, which was financed by the municipality of Berane, and the other in Bijelo Polje in the courtyard of Paul Zizic's elementary school, established at the expense of the municipality of Bijelo Polje.

Both platforms were supplied by CEDIS.

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