The military steamer Skenderbeg turned up on the surface of Skadar Lake.

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A few days ago, because of the low water level, a drowned World War II warship, Skenderbeg, turned up on the surface of Skadar Lake. The largest lake in the Balkans hid the wreckage of the mysterious passenger ship "Skenderbeg", which sank in 1942.

Low water level and better visibility, usually observed in September, so the sunken ship could always be seen from the surface at this time. This is the first time when the ship was fully visible in the lake, which "lies" only at a depth of 11 meters.

This steamer was built in Trieste in 1916 by the Austrian shipping company Lloyd Trieste. Immediately after the construction of the ship was bought by Stefan Curani from Shkoder. From 1924 to 1927, the ship was owned by the Adriatic-Skadar sailing company ("Jadransko-skadarska plovidba"), and since 1934 it became the property of A.D. "Zetska plovidba".

The dimensions of the ship "Skenderbeg" are 21.10 m in length and 5.30 m in width. Its capacity is 20 tons, the crew consisted of six people, the control was carried out with the help of a steam engine with a capacity of 80 horsepower.

In the First World War, the ship served to Austria, then to the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, and in early 1941, the Italians included it in their fleet. In the guerrilla movement on February 12, 1942, fighters of the battalion "Carev Laz" seized the steamer and flooded it without damage, opening the valves. After the war, two attempts were made to extract Skenderbeg (1946 and 1952), but due to poor technical readiness, both times were unsuccessful.

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