U 2025. godini, Crna Gora i Srbija mogu postati članice Evropske unije (EU)

Way to Montenegro
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According to media reports, the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, sent a letter to the Chairman of the European Parliament and the Chairman of the Council of the European Union, in which he announced the plans of the European Commission before the end of the year to develop a Strategy for inclusion of Serbia and Montenegro to the EU, with the prospect of their accession to the European Union in 2025. These two countries are the most serious candidates for joining the EU in the Western Balkans region. Other candidates for membership in the EU are Albania, Macedonia and Turkey.

"The EU is loyal and serious in its desire to bring Serbia along with Montenegro, as well as other countries of the Balkan region in the EU.
If we want a more stable neighborhood, then we must offer a reliable prospect of expansion to the countries of the Western Balkans. Until the end of the current mandate of the European Commission and the European Parliament (i.e. until 2019) there will be no new extensions, because the conditions for admission candidates have not fulfilled at the moment. But in the future there will be more than 27 member countries in the EU, "Jean-Claude Juncker said in his annual appeal.

It is also worth recalling that accession of Montenegro to the European Union threatens Russians with immediate introduction of the visa regime. It is possible that the EU leadership will require Montenegro to close its borders for citizens of all countries that do not have the right of visa-free entry into the Union.

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