The first artificial Earth Sputnik was launched 60 years ago

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Exactly 60 years ago, the Soviet Union opened the space age of the development of mankind, launching into space the world's first artificial Earth satellite. On 4 October, 1957, the Soviet R-7 rocket brought into orbit the Spacecraft PS-1 (The Simplest Sputnik-1). It was a sphere of 58 centimeters in diameter, weighed 83.6 kilograms and was equipped with four 2.4 and 2.9 meter long antennas that transmitted signals with the help of battery-operated transmitters.

The first artificial Earth satellite
The first artificial Earth satellite
© Photo: Roskosmos

After the start from the military range of the USSR Defense Ministry, exactly 295 seconds later, the FS-1 and the central missile block weighing 7.5 tons were put into the elliptical orbit of the Earth at an apogee of 947 km and perigee 288 km. At 315 seconds after the launch, the artificial Satellite separated from the second stage of the launch vehicle and immediately its call sign "Beep! Beep!" was heard by millions of radio lovers around the world.

The spacecraft PS-1 successfully flew through the near-earth orbit for 92 days, until 4 January, 1958, making 1,440 revolutions around the Earth, which is approximately 60 million kilometers. In September 1967, the International Federation of Astronautics proclaimed the 4th October the Day of the beginning of the space age of mankind.

Today, the space industry is successfully developing in many countries of the world and copes with a huge number of different orbital satellites of military and civilian use.

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