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Tourist organization of Budva (Turisticka Organizacija Opstine Budva) began to prepare actively for meeting of the New Year 2018. At the moment, many well-known Balkan musicians have already performed at various concert venues in the city of Budva and nearby settlements during the New Year holidays.

It became known that on 29 December a Croatian punk rock band from Zagreb - "Hladno pivo" ("Cold Beer") and the Serbian alternative rock band "S.A.R.S.S." from Belgrade will perform on the stage near the walls of the Old Town of Budva. On the evening of 30 December, the well-known Yugoslav and Serbian rock band "Bajaga i instruktori" will perform there. On the eve of the New Year, on 31 December, the performance of the Serbian band "Queen Real Tribute" from Belgrade is scheduled, after which the musician, singer and composer Goran Bregović and the rock group from Bosnia and Herzegovina - "Bijelo Dugme" ("The White Button") take the stage. On the first day of the new year 2018 Croatian hip-hop group "Elemental" from Zagreb and one of the most popular music bands of Bosnia and Herzegovina - "Dubioza Kolektiv", whose music consists of different styles, ranging from reggae and dub, ending with rock, mixed with political lyrics.

And this is not the whole list... The authorities of Budva and the tourist organization promise to prepare much more concerts, show programs, surprises and gifts for all residents and guests of the city for the New Year holidays. More information about all events, show programs, concert venues and performing of artists can be found in the Playbill on our portal or on the official website of Budva Tourism Organization.

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