Preparations for the reconstruction of the fortress Mamula has begun

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OHM Mamula Montenegro began preparations for the reconstruction and repair ofthe fortress Mamula, which is located on the island Lastavica (from the Serbian "Martlet") in the Bay of Kotor. According to company representatives, all preparatory work on the island was agreed upon with the Government of Montenegro and the Ministry of Culture on 20 July, 2017.

"We received the consent of the Government of Montenegro and all the necessary documents for the preparatory work on the island of Lastavitsa in July, but did not want to start work in the summer so as not to block access to the fortress for tourists and local residents." In July, we began to develop a project to restore and preserve the Mamula fortress. We determined more than five cubic meters of stone, rocks and other materials that were used in the construction of this Austrian fortification. Special attention was paid to the destroyed fortress walls, which are located in various places. Stone material of historical value was collected, sent for restoration and then would be returned to the original place, "said Dragana Bećirović- an advisor on public relations company OHM Mamula Montenegro.

According to the company's representatives, the preparatory work will include: fencing of sites where restoration and construction work will be carried out; placement of temporary structures depending on the complexity of the reconstruction of the building; delivery of necessary materials and equipment; laying of temporary roads for transportation and installation of sanitary facilities, as well as cleaning the island and fortress from weeds, thickets and other plant species that threaten the stability of existing structures and structures.

Planned works also imply the removal of certain segments of the fortress, which have no historical value; collection and storage of various elements of the interior and sculptures, which will subsequently be installed in the appropriate places on the site; removal of land in the central part of the island; excavations; construction and installation of autonomous electricity and water supply, as well as preparation of a place for temporary storage of construction waste, etc.

The reconstruction of the Mamula fortress is planned in full accordance with all requirements for the preservation of the environment, as well as with the maximum preservation of the traditional appearance of the landscape of the island of Lastavica and the existing organization of this place.

After reconstruction, Mamula fortress will become an elite five-star boutique hotel with 30 rooms. Also on the territory of the island will be located: a memorial museum, four restaurants, shops, swimming pools, a club for water sports, a marina. At the same time, as reported by OHM Mamula, access to the island "Martlet" will remain free for all comers.

It should be noted that the world leader in the designing and development of a comprehensive tourist destination, the Swiss Orascom Development Holding concluded an agreement with the government of Montenegro on the lease of the island of Lastavica with the fortress Mamula for 49 years. Currently, the company is already developing one Montenegrin project - Luštica Bay, worth 1.1 billion euros, which is located near the city of Tivat.

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