The city of Cetinje has been visited by more than 200 000 tourists

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The former capital of Montenegro - the city of Cetinje this year has been visited by a record number of tourists, said on the radio the director of the Cetinje Tourist Organization Prijestonice Oskar Huter. He said that more than 200 000 tourists had visited Cetinje in this year, and the main center of their interest was the National Museum of Montenegro, the number of sold tickets is about 150 000.

"This season was really good for us and we are very pleased." According to official data, the number of travelers who visited the city of Cetinje has increased significantly compared to last year and currently makes up more than 200 thousand people .It is worth noting that most of them preferred to visit cultural and historical monuments located in the city of Cetinje, "Huter commented. He also explained that until then the state hadn't had the ability to track all tourists, therefore financial incomes were not equivalent to the total number of people who visited Montenegro.

In addition, Oscar Huter said that in the near future one of the priority directions in the work of the Tourist Organization Prijestonice, together with the National Tourism Organization, would be the development of a religious type of tourism.

"At the moment, we do not have very good results in this area, especially if we take into account the relics and shrines that our country has at the disposal." In this regard, we are thinking about the creation and promotion of special religious tourism proposals that will increase the number of tourists, who visited the city of Cetinje, "O. Houter emphasized.

Special interest of the Tourist Organization is the retention of tourists in Cetinje, namely, that their stay in the city lasted more than 24 hours.

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