More than 9 km of new streets in Podgorica

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The Investment Agency for Construction and Development of Podgorica has allocated more than 10.5 million euros in the road infrastructure of the capital of Montenegro since 2015.

The statement of representatives of the agency says about the construction during this period of more than 9 kilometers of new streets, as well as the repair and reconstruction of a large number of existing roads. In addition, 36 new parking spaces were created for cars, for which over 53,000 euros were allocated, and street lighting, worth 206,000 euros, was made. Work on laying sewer and water pipes was carried out, the cost of which amounted to more than 860 000 euros.

By the end of the year, all the work on the construction of new streets in many areas of Podgorica will be completed: Blok VI, Donja Gorica, Drači, Starij aerodrom, Zabjela, Zagoriča, Momišićima, Konika, Starij Varoš, near the Catholic church, near the residential areas "Cepurci" "Nova Varoš", "Stambena zajednica VI", "Radoje Dakić", etc. An additional lane will also be built on the Cetinje road, the Golubovci - Mataguzhi highway, etc.

Currently renovated, and also until the end of 2017 in Podgorica, such streets as Beogradska, Ulice 1, Ulica Dositeja Obradovića, Radosava Burića (fazno), intersection Moskovske ulice, Ulica 13. jula and 18. jula, Miladina Popovića street will be reconstructed , Iva Andrića, Braće Zlatičanin, Petra Prlje, intersection of Veljska Vlahovića and Pera Ćetkovića streets and many others.

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