The season of cruise liners in the port city Bar is closed

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Today cruise ship "Thomson Spirit" with 1,216 passengers on board left the port city of Bar, thereby ending the season of sea tours for the Montenegrin harbor this year. According to many experts, the port Bar in the future has all the prerequisites for becoming a prestigious place in the Adriatic Sea for cruise ships.

On the occasion of the closure of the cruise season, the Port of Adria Administration hosted a working meeting in which, in addition to representatives of the Port of Adria AD, the director of the NTO Zelka Radak Kukavičić and the chairman of the City Council Bar Zoran Srzentić also took part. The meeting concluded that the city of Bar has an advantageous geographical position and has all the prerequisites for the future port to become a prestigious place for accepting cruise ships from all over the world in the Adriatic Sea.

"To achieve this goal, it is necessary to revive all participants in the chain of taking cruisers in the port city of Bar, and also to arouse the interest of businessmen and investors to this place.To do this, in the near future an operational working group will be formed that will prepare and monitor the cruise season , further improving the attractiveness of the Port Bar, as well as creating modern outlets selling souvenirs and local products, in order to increase the expences of tourists from cruise ships, "NTO representatives said.

"More and more tourists from all over the world are choosing their vacation in Montenegro, this year about 11 000 tourists visited the port Bar and we expect that this number will be at least twice bigger next year," noted Zelka Radak Kukavicic.

Also at the meeting it was noted that in the Adriatic Sea about 3500 different cruise ships sail annually, which transport almost 5 million tourists. The 3 largest ports in this region: Venice, Dubrovnik and Kotor account for about 60% of the total sea tourist flow.

After the completion of the workshop, the participants visited the fair "Caravan of local and organic products", which was located on the quay of "King of Nikola" ("Kralja Nikole").

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