The administration calls to destroy all infected palm trees in Montenegro

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The Ministry of Agriculture of Montenegro and the Office for the Safety of Food, Phytosanitary and Veterinary Sciences of Montenegro urge local authorities on the coast to take immediate measures to chemically treat and even destroy the palm trees that were attacked by a dangerous quarantine beetle - the Red Palm weevil (Latin Rhynchophorus ferrugineus).

In addition, the administration calls on all palm owners to make urgent chemical treatment of trees on the coast of Montenegro. "At the moment, by many external signs, there has been a significant increase in the number of infected palm trees compared to last year," the statement said.

Symptoms of damage to the palms with a red weevil:

- drying of the upper central part in the palm;
- discolouration of leaves;
- lowering the leaves, the crown of a palm tree acquires a roof-like appearance;
- the presence of flying holes on the trunks of palm trees, the size of the holes can reach up to 3 cm or more in diameter;
- breakdown of the trunks of palms;
- finds inside the trunks of larvae, pupae, beetles.

For effective phytosanitary treatment of palms in the fight against the palm weevil, it is important that the local administration react to this problem quickly and effectively, demonstrating a responsible attitude to the problem of the palm pest that destroys the palm trees, thus disrupting the landscape and attractive appearance of Montenegro in the coastal areas.

In addition, the administration noted that infected palms should be cured or destroyed as soon as possible because there is a high probability and danger for the population that the infected trees may fall at any time due to strong winds that are constantly observed on the coast of Montenegro at this time of the year.

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