The hotel Yugoslaviya costing 1 million euros opened in Niksic

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In the city of Niksic (Montenegro), the former business center Sindčel opened the hotel Yugoslavia, in which the Montenegrin owner Helada-Mont invested more than 1 million euros.

This is a four-star hotel with 13 rooms, a restaurant, conference rooms and Club 213, located in the former Stage 213 and equipped with the latest 3D technologies, which allows it to become one of the most modern cinemas in Montenegro. In July, Helada-Mont repurchased the bankrupt business center in which the hotel was located, for 800 thousand euros and after three months of repair, restoration and improvement, took on the service of 27 employees, of which about ten were from Sindčela.

At the opening of the hotel Yugoslavia, the chairman of the Municipality of Niksic, Veselin Grbović said that the city's longstanding problem had finally been solved, which arose after bankruptcy in March 2017 and the closure of the popular business center and the Sindčel Hotel. The Mayor of Niksic noted that the opening of this hotel would contribute to improving the image and status of Niksic as a tourist center in Montenegro and recalled that active construction of the Vučje Ski Center is also underway.

Representative of Helade-Monta, Tamara Dragnić says that the opening of the hotel of Yugoslavia, as one of the most significant projects of the municipality, was realized with the help of the Montenegro Investment and Development Fund, and also with active cooperation with the Niksic Community. Thanks to this cooperation, the installation of lighting along the road leading from the tennis courts to the hotel located on the Trebjesa hill was completed on time.

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