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The increasing of water temperature in the Mediterranean Sea has led to the emergence of a dangerous lion fish.

This voracious fish have colonized in the waters of Cyprus, which at least have seen about 23 copies, six of which have been fished out of the sea.
 In just one year, this type of fish has spread to the whole south-eastern coast of Cyprus. Scientists turned to the fishermen and divers with a request to catch this fish, in case of detection.
It is invasive, predatory fish, usually from the South Pacific and the Indian Ocean.
Due to recent expansion and deepening of the Suez Canal, the problem can only increase.
Now the Mediterranean Sea is home for more than 1,000 species of fish, including lionfish as one of the most dangerous.
Its stings are rarely fatal to humans, but are accompanied by unbearable pain later vomiting and respiratory problems.
In general, the presence of this type of fish has a negative impact on the ecosystem in the sea.
Despite the bright coloring and slow movements, even the sharks do not approach the fish and give them the freedom to eat other types of fish that support the growth of algae.
For the first time this fish was found in Cuba in 2007.

Caribbean countries have organized a summit on combating the dissemination of this kind of fish.
Cuba, Colombia and the Bahamas called on local residents to catch and use of fish in food, thus reducing their number. Fish-lion appeared on the menu. The meat of this fish is white and juicy, even in Japan is considered a delicacy.

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