Bears cause damage to beekeepers in the north of Montenegro

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In the north of Montenegro, near the town of Pljevlja, bears inflict huge damage on beekeepers, destroying and destroying bee colonies, as well as Montenegrin farmers, killing livestock. Two years ago, in the same area, bears destroyed a huge number of apiaries and they returned again.

"Lately, a lot of bears have come to the north of Montenegro.It is likely that in preparation for hibernation the bears came to the residential areas in search of food, as this year in Montenegro was quite dry and in the forests there is practically no grain, berries and fruits. In the town of Strahovo Dole, bears killed seven sheep, and in the Borov and Vodoplav districts, five apiaries were killed, the bears do not particularly choose the means and ways to get to the food, destroying everything in their path. After their "visit", beehive hives and households remain completely looted and destroyed ", - revealed Secretary Hunting city Pljevlja community Miodrag Miga Gogic (Miodrag Miga Gogić).

Beekeepers and farmers who have been harmed by bears should contact the Hunting Society. After this, a commission consisting of three people will check everything, write down and send a request to the ministry. In order to receive monetary compensation, certain Rules for protection against bears, which, as Miodrag Gogic notes, almost no one is observed, must be fulfilled. Namely, the owner of the apiary is obliged:

- put around the apiary fence, the height of 2 to 2.5 meters;
- equip the territory with sound signals;
- to have an attached dog in the apiary;
- be constantly present.

The failure to comply with these rules practically excludes the receipt of monetary compensation for residents of this region of Montenegro, but there is an opportunity to receive some kind of assistance from the ministry.

At the moment, the damage caused by the bears is estimated at 1,200 euros.

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