This year Tivat was visited by 35% more tourists

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During the first eight months of this year, the coastal Montenegrin city of Tivat visited by 78,112 tourists who officially booked 792,995 nights in apartments, hotels and inns in Montenegro.

The total number of tourists who visited the city of Tivat, compared with the same period last year, increased on 35%, and 32% more of housing was booked. It is worth noting that from June to August in Tivat 60 577 guests rested, who booked 653 569 nights. All these data indicate that the year 2017 was very successful in the tourist and economic terms both for us and for Montenegro in general, said the chairman of the Municipality of Tivat, Snežana Matijević at a press conference of the Tourist Organization of the City of Tivat.

"Our statistics show that this season was quite successful and most importantly, the growth in the number of tourists was also observed in February, March and April," Snejana Matievich said in her statement, stressing that the amount of taxes received from tourists . She also noted that at the moment the municipality received 234 969 euros for a tourist tax, and in total from January to October this year, about 350 thousand euros will be received into the treasury of Montenegro.

Snezhana Matievich expressed her satisfaction with the general readiness of all the municipal and rescue services of the municipality of Tivat during the tourist season. In particular, she noted the work of the Fire Service and the Service for the Protection and Conservation of the Environment, as this summer there were several rather large fires, and also stressed the work of the municipal public service for the order of public green areas and the cleanliness of the city of Tivat.

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