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The incident with that aircraft of Montenegro Airlines (MA) allegedly "missed" with the runway at the airport of Tivat on Sunday evening, was discussed by some media in Serbia is quite dramatic.
The aircraft departed from the landing for safety reasons, so no way to talk about the "slip" of the runway - MA confirmed sources from the center of the control and management of air traffic airports in Montenegro.
AI pilot vessel "Embraer E-195", 4O-AOBs, carrying out flight LH 209 from Belgrade to Tivat, on Sunday about 19:20 pm not landed because of the occurrence of bad weather conditions.
During two days in Tivat strong winds, especially in the evening and at night, and the planes are very sensitive to the strong wind, especially when landing.
Due to the so-called "wind shear" (a big difference in speed or direction of the wind in a small space), immediately prior to landing, the pilot abandoned the intention to land in Tivat, saying that security is airline's priority and moved landing in Podgorica, where later the plane landed safely.
Moreover, it was night, and Tivat Airport is not suitable for night flights, the work is carried out only until sunset. "- Reportedly one of the sources According to him, the pilot took quite the right decision, because aviation safety comes first and takes precedence over all others, including the regularity of the flight plan and implement commercial purposes of any airline.
Another source said that the passengers on board really noticed an unusual happening, because suddenly, the aircraft engines have started to work harder, and when the plane began to approach the runway, there was a sudden "shaking" a gust of wind, causing the plane began to climb, which is quite a common action in such circumstances.
 "Of course, all the passengers on the plane noticed it, but I doubt that anyone could fall into unconsciousness, particularly flight attendants and the rest of the crew, which is mandatory during take-off and landing are fastened on the ground." - Said our source , adding that the information published by some Serbian media "completely exaggerated" because what happened to the world of aviation is absolutely normal.

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