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From 2017 to 2021, 121 projects will be implemented on the territory of the Municipality of Bijelo Polje, totaling 103 million euros, of which 15.4 million will be provided by local authorities, and 49.2 million euros will be allocated from the budget of Montenegro. The rest of the funds will be received: 28.5 million loans, 6.4 million from private investors, 2.6 million donations and 900,000 euros, various grants from EU funds. This five-year strategic plan for the development of the municipality of Bijelo Pole was adopted yesterday at a meeting of the municipal council.

The deputy chairman of the municipality, Nemša Omerhodžić, said that in this development plan of the region there are also priority projects such as the Belasica mountain massif, the Djalovich cave, the development of the district infrastructure that will ensure the development of summer and winter mountain tourism in Montenegro, and agriculture, to which 32 million euros will be allocated. To improve social security and protect the environment of the district, 26.7 million euros are provided, of which the most important are the construction of sewage and sewage treatment plants.

Part of the money will be invested in the education system, namely, 9.8 million euros will be allocated for the construction of kindergartens in the Zaimovića livadama, Rasovu and Ravnoj Rijeci districts, the construction of a new school, the "Dušan Korać" building, as well as the reconstruction of almost all primary schools of the district . A total of 6.9 million euros will be invested in the culture and sport of the region, of which the most important projects are the reconstruction of the Museum of Local Lore, the construction of the Otoka Recreational Sports Center, a swimming pool and sports fields in the countryside.

"In addition, we will create conditions for the development of industry and services by implementing 5 projects totaling 2.4 million euros, of which at the moment the most important are the equipment of the business zone, the reconstruction of the bus station in the Nedakusima area and the closure of the city market by facades" Nemsha Omerhoichić said in his statement.

The strategic plan for the development of the Bijelo Polje area is also said to include the asphalting of about 100 kilometers of rural roads and the construction of residential houses to relocate the Gypsy settlement from the Rakonje area.

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