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World famous bloggers, tourists Katrina Kach Umandap Howe and Jonathan David Howe, better known as the founders of the "Two monkeys travel group" travel website, will visit the Montenegrin city of Herceg Novi this year on invitation of the Tourist Organization (TO) of Herceg Novi.

At the tourism exhibition World Trade Market, which was held in early November in London, the TOK Herceg-Novi agreed with Katrina and Jonathan Howe about their visit to Montenegro. Katrina and Jonathan will stay in Herceg Novi for 5 days, and their routes, impressions and recommendations will be conveyed to the world's largest media, such as CNN, BBC, Forbes, Huffington post, Buisness insidera, Al Jazeere, Cosmopoliten, Yahoo travel and many other publishers.

"These are very influential bloggers from the UK who last year officially became one of the top 50 bloggers in the world who travel all over the world and share their experiences, forming their readers' opinions about a particular country. Their routes and recommendations are regularly published by the world's largest media companies such as CNN, BBC, Forbes, Huffington Post, Al Jazeere, Cosmopoliten, Yahoo travel and many others, "representatives of the Herceg Novi Tourism Organization reported.

On 18 November Katrina Kach Umandap Howe and Jonathan David Howe will fly to Montenegro. During their five-day stay in Herceg Novi, thanks to the representatives of the tourist organization, they will visit all sorts of cultural and historical monuments, sights and the most important tourist sites of the city.

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