The first stone in the foundation of the stadium was laid in Cetinje

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The Prime Minister of Montenegro, Dusko Markovic, Mayor of Cetinje, Alexander Bogdanovich, and the President of the Montenegrin Football Federation, Dejan Savichevich, laid the foundation stone of the new stadium in Cetinje.

Earlier it was reported that the construction of a new stadium, worth almost 9 million euros, will be realized by the city of Cetinje and the Football Association of Montenegro thanks to 50% of grants from the government of Montenegro and 50% of various investments.

"Preparations for this day and the beginning of construction have been a little delayed, but now we, together with the government and the head of the city, are confident that everything is ready for the work and implementation of this large-scale project." First of all, we have a ready project for a new modern stadium, and also stable funding sources.I think that we have achieved purpose and the requested course of work will be completed on time. In the future, the stadium will become a venue for official and international games for both Cetinje football club and for various National teams of the country", said the president of the Football Federation of Montenegro, D.Savichevich. He also noted that the new stadium will be of fundamental importance for the entire football of Montenegro.

Mayor of Cetinje, Alexander Bogdanovich, said that the authorities would make every effort to get a modern sports facility in 3 years, which will give a strong impetus to the development of sports not only in Cetinje, but in the whole of Montenegro in general.

"The new stadium, according to its characteristics, will meet the most stringent standards of UEFA, which assume the creation of conditions for international club matches and matches of national football teams," the statement said.

The total capacity of the stadium will be 5192 places, which will be divided into four sectors:

 - Eastern tribune - 2103 seats for fans at the stadium and 98 seats in the VIP-box;
 - Western tribune - 2129 seats in the stadium and 145 in the VIP-box;
 - Northern (open) tribune - 717 seats in the stadium;
 - The South tribune will be allocated to the media and other commercial needs.

The work is carried out by Erlanga, and the construction of the stadium is to be completed in 3 years.

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