Black Stork visited the bird sanctuary in Ulcinj

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Black Stork, for the first time in 15 years, visited the Bird Preserve, which is located in Montenegro near the resort town of Ulcinj.

This weekend, the Montenegrin Bird Protection and Research Center, in monitoring the Ulcinjska Solana reserve, noticed in this area a young black stork (Latin Ciconia nigra), which is listed in the Red Book in many countries and is a rare visitor in Montenegro. This year, at the end of September, two specimens of this species were found in the vicinity of the town of Niksic and this was their first visit to the area, while in Ulcin, storks were not observed since 2002.

"Black storks mostly migrate to wintering in the southern countries until the end of October, the fact that we see a stork in Montenegro at the end of the second decade of November gives us the opportunity to assume that it will remain in winter near the town of Ulcinj, which once again proves the great importance of the Bird reserve Ulcinsky salt mines for birds arriving in Montenegro for wintering or nesting, "representatives of the Center for Bird Protection and Research of Montenegro said.

"At the moment more than 250 bird species are registered on the territory of the reserve, including over 50 breeding and annually wintering birds. This is almost half of the total number of bird species that live in Europe, "the center said.

The black stork is most common in the area of ​​Niksic, where 20 individuals were once observed. Representatives of this rare species of birds were also seen in such cities of Montenegro as Pljevlja, Berane, Rozhae, Podgorica, Igalo, and recently even in the coastal area of ​​the city of Sutomore.

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