Construction of a pedestrian path in the Krasici area

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The municipality of Tivat signed a contract with the company "Artek" (Podgorica) for the construction of a footpath along the coast of the Bay of Kotor near the town of Krasici.

The footpath in Krasici will be the first stage of construction of a large walking route - "Lungo Mare". The construction of the Lungo Mare project in Krasici will be carried out both on land and at sea, at a depth of up to 2.5 meters. The cost of construction works will be 735 491 euros, including VAT and will be allocated from the budget of the city of Tivat.

"We expect that the contractor will start work next week." No questions, disputes and any property problems should arise during the construction of this pedestrian way, and we expect that this work will be completed on time, "said the director for investments and development of Tivat municipality, Peđa Obradiović.

According to the contract, the company "Artek" within 90 days should complete the construction of 400 meters of the footpath, which will start in the western part of the town of Krasici, when leaving the village of Petrovici, and end in the east, towards the center of Krasici.

The scale of this project is evidenced by the fact that already at the first stage of construction the contractor will have to destroy and clear about 3.3 thousand square meters of piers and terraces, illegally built along the coastline, and also remove 324 illegal staircases and 398 meters of illegally erected brick walls, which are located on the path of the future coastal promenade.

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