380 million euros have been invested in Montenegro for ten months

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In the first ten months of this year, foreign investors from 74 countries invested 380 million euros in Montenegro. The total amount of foreign investment in the country was almost 22% more than in the same period last year.

Among all the investor countries, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the third largest investor, which invested about 87 million euros in Montenegro, Russia 50 million euros and Azerbaijan 45 million euros, the CBM said in a statement. In addition, Italy, which is on the 4th place, has invested in various projects in Montenegro 38.2 million euros, followed by Germany with 35.2 million euros, Switzerland - 31.56 million, Serbia - 27.39 million, Cyprus - 23.7 million, Turkey - 19 million and Spain with 13.8 million euros. The total amount of all gross investments was 500 million euros.

Commenting on the increase in foreign investment in Montenegro by more than one-fifth, the economic analyst Predrag Drecun said that then it was important for the country's economy. "It is very good that this year in Montenegro there has been no decline in foreign direct investment, and any increase, even by 22%, can be considered as an excellent result for our country," P. Dretsun said. He also noted that in future Montenegro should improve the legal protection of investors and create all conditions for attracting foreign investment, not only in the services sector, but also in other areas of activity.

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