The ski resort Kolasin 1450 and Hotel Bianka are at odds

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The administration of the ski resort Kolasin 1450 prohibited guests of the Bianka Hotel, which is located in the town of Kolasin, to buy ski passes on their ski slopes.

Director of the Kolasin Ski Center 1450, Anđela Vuković, said that she was insulted by the criticism and false data that the head of Beppler & Jacobson, Nikola Kasal, expressed to them, while Bianca hotel belongs to this company.

"On 20 November, at a working meeting in Podgorica, attended by the Director of the National Tourism Organization (NTA) Željka Radak-Kukavičić, the managers of all the ski centers in Montenegro, as well as the directors of the most popular hotels and local tourist organizations from the northern regions of the country, Nicola Casalo mentioned untidiness of our toilets and dirty uniforms among the waiters", said A. Vukovich. That is why, according to the decision, the management of the ski resort "Kolasin 1450" wanted to "protect all guests of the hotel Bianca from bad conditions on the territory of the ski center."

"We believe that all the claims of the management of Beppler & Jacobson are inadequate and unreasonable, which our customers visiting the ski resort of Kolasin 1450 in this winter season will certainly confirm," said Angela Vukovich. She also noted that the owners of the tourist business in Montenegro need to cooperate, and not to inform unreverted information at general meetings.

The head of the company Beppler & Jacobson, Nikola Kasal, and the director of the hotel Bianca, Nemanja Kulich did not want to comment on this decision of director of Sky center Kolasin 1450.

It should be noted that this year the Kolasin 1450 Ski Center will be opened on the eve of the New Year holidays.

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