The North of Montenegro was covered with snow

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This morning the northern regions of Montenegro was covered with snow.

According to the Hydrometeorological Service of Montenegro, most precipitation fell in the city of Pljevlja, where the snow cover reached 29 centimeters. During the day the snow continued to go and, at the moment, its height in some places is about half a meter.

According to the representative of the municipal service, Gorana Gospića, all the cleaning equipment was removed to the streets of the city, as well as workers who clean the streets for more than 24 hours and will continue to work until everything is cleared. He also noted that when cleaning roads from public utilities a lot of problems arose because of cars parked in narrow streets that prevented snow machines from passing through. Goran Gospic asked the car owners of the city of Pljevlja to remove their cars parked in the streets: Manastirskoj, gornji dio Gagovića Imanja, Dušana Obradovića i Mirka Pejatovića.

To all those car owners who plan to travel to the north of Montenegro at night or in the early morning, we strongly recommend before calling to call the Automobile Association of Montenegro (AMSCG) on the phone 19807 and learn about the current situation on the roads.

Tomorrow in northern regions of Montenegro, it is expected to have partly cloudy weather and no precipitation. Early in the morning on the plains and in river valleys fog and low clouds are possible. During the day, a slight rain is possible in the southern and central regions of the country. The wind is changeable. The air temperature in the morning will be from -6 to 9 ° C, in the daytime from -1 to 14 ° C.

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