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In May 2019 in Montenegro should appear the first public aquarium, which will present all kinds of flora and fauna of the Adriatic Sea. The aquarium will be located in the building of the Institute of Marine Biology, which is located in the city of Kotor.

According to the Institute of Marine Biology in Kotor, the aquarium will have a general educational role in the upbringing and education of school-age children in Montenegro. To the construction of the aquarium was allocated 557 850 euros from a grant approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway, entitled "Marine Center for the Conservation of Flora and Fauna of the Adriatic Sea - BOKAAQUARIUM".

"The creation of the Marine Center BOKAAQUARIUM in Montenegro will be of great importance for the further development of the Institute of Marine Biology, especially in the field of conservation, study and protection of the flora and fauna of the Adriatic Sea," the Institute said. In addition, according to the Institute of Marine Biology, the Center will deal with the protection of endangered species of marine fauna and flora, as well as with experimental research in various fields of science.

Within the framework of this project, thanks to close cooperation with the National Parks of Montenegro, in the future it is also planned to create a freshwater aquarium on the Skadar Lake.

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