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According to the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Montenegro, Milutin Simović, at the moment all conditions for starting the construction of the House of Fruits and the Plant for bottling drinking water in the vicinity of the village of Andrijevica have been created, which will undoubtedly contribute to the further development of this region of Montenegro.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Government of Montenegro, at the expense of the budget, will invest about 1.33 million euros in the "House of Fruits" project, of which 510 thousand euro will be allocated in 2018. "The conceptual design of the" House of Fruits "project was proposed by the company" Arhing inžinjering "at yesterday's meeting in Andrijevice. Realization of this object will be dealt with by the construction company "Neimar inženjering" from Podgorica, which was chosen due to the recently held tender, "the Ministry's representatives said.

"The fruit house will become a kind of meeting place, all sorts of discussions, discussions and agreements, as well as a platform where local producers and farmers will be able to share their experience and thereby gain new knowledge and skills.In addition, all Montenegrin farmers will be able to supply and store here their products, "M. Simovitch said. According to him, this project will only contribute to the achievement of high standards of quality and safety of vegetables, fruits and other food products grown in Montenegro.

"Due to the high assessment of the Andrijevica subterranean water resources, the implementation of another project - the construction of a plant for bottling drinking water from the underground spring" Ledeni izvor "(Sjenožeta), located at the foot of the Komovi mountain range, at 1200 meters above sea level, will make a significant contribution in the creation of the "House of Fruit", as well as create new jobs for local residents, "said Milyutin Simovich after signing a cooperation agreement with representatives of the company" Vila Mir "from the city of Kotor.

The cooperation agreement was signed for 25 years, and the total investment amount will be over one million euros. In accordance with this contract, the plant will open 24 new jobs.

The Prime Minister of Montenegro expressed confidence that the projects that are currently being implemented in the area, as well as the development of new projects in the future, will only contribute to the ultimate goal of improving - the quality of life of the inhabitants of Andrijevica and other settlements located in the north of Montenegro.

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