Heavy rains prevent from the completion of the Budva-Cetinje road repair

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Completion of the reconstruction of the highway from the popular resort town of Budva in Cetinje is postponed, because, due to torrential rains and a landslide falling on the highway, it will be closed for another week. Today, because of the heavy rain and dense fog, the workers were able to overcome the consequences of the collapse only for several hours.

The Department of Transport of Montenegro stressed that traffic along the road should be fully restored by the holidays. "Tomorrow, we are beginning the building of a retaining wall, which we plan to complete within 15 days." At the moment, we could have already started traffic for a couple of days, but we expect the chief of the traffic police to assess personally the quality and safety of this section of the road, "said Dusan Kokich (Dušan Kokić) from the Ministry of Transport of Montenegro.

It should be noted that the reconstruction of the Budva - Cetinje road was to be completed by the end of November 2017. Currently, the municipality of Budva is very dissatisfied with the pace of work and are concerned that all this can adversely affect the quality of leisure tourists arrived who plan to visit Montenegro on New Year's Eve and on Christmas holidays.

"I hope that we will find a solution as soon as possible and will do everything possible for those who come to Budva for winter holidays so that to make their rest in Montenegro as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. With representatives of Budva Tourism Organization, we are already developing alternative routes through Sozin or Bar ", said the chairman of the municipality of Budva, Dragan Krapovic (Dragan Krapović).

At the same time, in the Department of Transport of Montenegro, they hope that this will not be necessary, since all the road reconstruction works will be completed on time. "We are confident that we will complete this work regardless the weather conditions and traffic on the road will be opened completely until the New Year and Christmas holidays," said Dusan Kokic.

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