Rafts for nesting pelicans on the Skadar Lake are ready

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Yesterday, in the Skadar Lake National Park, a voluntary action was organized to build and repair rafts for nesting pelicans.

The event was attended by Nela Vešović Dubak from the state management of national parks, ornithologists Ondrej and Andrej Vizi, Bjanka Prakljačić NGO "Center for the Protection and Study of Birds", as well as Ema i Ben Heywood from the travel agency "Undiscovered Montenegro", who donated various equipment for restoration of old rafts.

The artificial platforms, which were updated on Sunday, were installed in the Skadar Lake National Park three years ago. They are made of natural materials, which further improve the conditions for nesting of this rare species of birds.

"Four rafts for nesting pelicans, which were installed 3 years ago, had to be repaired and restored, because the weight of last year's nests could have collapsed or rolled over," said Nela Vešović Dubak. She also added that the reconstruction of the rafts was done on time, as the pelicans had not yet started nesting. "The water level was very low for a long time and we could not approach the artificial platforms before, but today was the perfect day for this, just before the precipitation that was forecasted by the meteorological service of Montenegro," Vešović Dubak reported.

As announced by the representative of the Office of National Parks of Montenegro, video surveillance was again made and connected on rafts, which is of great importance for monitoring the vital activity and condition of this species of birds in real time, especially during nesting periods, and also helps to track poachers. "The video cameras will allow the protection service of Skadar Lake National Park to react quickly to any interference in the life of pelicans, especially during the most sensitive period for them, that is, during nesting and rearing of chicks," the National Park reported.

Pelicans are birds that nest exclusively on small islands. In previous years, it was the lack of natural nesting grounds, which disappeared due to the reconstruction of Skadar Lake and the flooding of some of its areas, which was the main reason why pelicans nested here in small quantities. That is why, recently, Montenegrin ornithologists began to install artificial platforms for the nesting of pelicans from natural materials on the Skadar Lake in order to increase their number.

At the beginning of May this year, in Skadar Lake, ornithologists registered the presence of 227 pelicans and 56 young individuals. This was an excellent result not only for Montenegro, but for the whole region as it represents record results for the number of pelicans over the past three decades.

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