Christmas charity market is opened in Podgorica

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Today, in the shopping center Delta City in the city of Podgorica, a traditional charity Christmas market was opened, organized by the International Association of Women of Montenegro in cooperation with the embassies of various countries located in Montenegro.

This year 15 stands of foreign embassies are represented at the fair, as well as several stands of local farmers and producers who wanted to participate in the charity event. All collected funds will be sent to the newly created Autism Center in Podgorica.

Every year, various local companies, embassies and numerous volunteers take part in the Christmas bazar. They set a goal to collect as much money as possible for needy individuals, institutions and organizations of Montenegro. Every year this event is becoming more popular.

Last year, at the Christmas market, the International Association of Women of Montenegro collected 29 thousand euros. These funds were spent on the purchase of equipment for the gynecological department in the Clinical Center of Montenegro, for the acquisition of various teaching aids and supplies for the four primary schools of Podgorica, and part of the money was sent to the women football club Breznica from Bijelo Polje.

At the opening of the Christmas market, Croatian Ambassador to Montenegro, Veselko Grubisic said: "It is very good that you may not only try all kinds of products from 15 countries around the world, but also participate in a charity event and help the Autism Center in Podgorica."

Christmas market will be open until 6 pm.

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