Ski season is officially opened in Montenegro!

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Yesterday, at the Kolasin Ski Center 1450, the first tourist moved down the snow-covered trails of the Belasitsa mountain range, thereby officially opened the winter tourist season in Montenegro.

According to the director of the Kolasin 1450 ski resort, Angela Vukovich, everything is ready for the official start of the ski season 2017/2018 and they are eagerly awaiting all residents and guests of Montenegro.

"We made great efforts and took care of every detail, so that everything was done qualitatively and on time.I think that our guests will definitely appreciate it.Three weekend, all the lovers of winter ski slopes, the Viline Vode cable car (Viline vode) and the Jezerine ski lift, "A. Vukovich said.

It is worth noting that this year's day ski pass for adults will cost 15 euros, for children - 11 euros. Prices for other services will remain at the level of the previous year.

In the next weekend, on the territory of the Kolasin Ski Center 1450, solemn events are planned in honor of the opening of the winter season. On Wednesday, on the snow-covered slopes of the Bjelasica mountain range competitions will be held under the auspices of the International Ski Federation (FIS). This is the best proof that this year the ski slopes in Kolasin are very well prepared, since the first time in December there will be held official international ski competitions.

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