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The draft of law on tourism and service, which was proposed at the last meeting of the Government of Montenegro, inter alia, provides: a ban on charging any entrance fees to the beach, mandatory availability of beach furniture (chaise lounges, tables, umbrellas, etc.), and storage and rental of water scooters.

In addition, the proposed law prohibits the presence of pets on the beaches of Montenegro, except for specially designated places, and parking of vehicles will not be permitted. According to the document, companies and individuals will be prohibited from waiting and intercepting tourists who want to use this or that service in advertising booklets, leaflets or signs, imposing their own or others' services or housing, as well as offering prices and conditions that will cause damage reputation of tourist places in Montenegro.

Representatives of the Montenegrin government proposed to transfer all tents and kiosks with food at a certain distance from hotels and restaurants, as they represent unfair competition. It is believed that such places, offering various services and services, very often do not fulfill even the minimum sanitary and technical requirements, as well as they do not have a menu, a map of drinks and sanitation facilities.

It is also assumed that under the new law all travel agencies in Montenegro, including those that carry out their activities via the Internet, must be necessarily licensed. Thus, the newly established travel company will have to pay a minimum of 15 thousand euros for the license, while already operating organizations will be given the cost of their license based on the data received for work in previous years. For companies without a license, a fine of one to ten thousand euros is provided.

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