The resort town of Zabljak needs its own airport

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The resort town of Zabljak needs its own airport for the further development of tourism in the northern regions of Montenegro, said representative of the Democratic Party of Zabljak, Radoje Karadžić.

R. Karadzic recalled that in 1961 construction of the airport "Zabljak" began in Montenegro in the area of ​​Ezerima, and two years later the first DC-3 aircraft landed at the airport, thus launching regular air flights from Belgrade to Zabljak. "The current authorities do not seriously and pragmatically think about the need for air connection with the northern regions of the country - Durmitor, Zablyak, etc. for the active development of summer and winter tourism in this region of Montenegro." The role of air transport in the development of tourism in Montenegro is an inevitable fact, said Karadzic.

Rado Karadzic believes that today many tourists, resting on the coast, sometimes do not really want to go to Zabljak, Pluzhine, Pljevlja, Durmitor National Park, Zabljak Ski Center and other interesting places and attractions located in the north of Montenegro, as they understand that they will spend a lot of time on the road. "In order to increase the number of tourists, we just need an airport in Zabljak. The airport construction will require a small amount of money, but the benefits from it in the future will be immeasurable. Example is the operating airport in Nikshich, where public investment amounted to more than 1, 5 million euros, for which concrete runways, taxiways, a platform and a hangar were built, how many kilometers of roads can be built for this amount? Even the child understands that all the advantages on the side of the airport, "he said.

Based on the topographical and climatic conditions of the given region of Montenegro, in the future the airport and helipad "Zabljak" will probably be located 5.9 km away from the center of the town of Zabljak on the site of the old airfield in the area of ​​Ezerima. This place fully meets the necessary requirements for the construction of a new airport, while respecting all international norms and regulations, as well as the rules and regulations of air transportation of Montenegro.

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