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Montenegro has enormous potential for the use of energy efficient (electric) vehicles, which means that the country should consider the possibility of introducing tax incentives for residents who want to purchase electric vehicles. This was reported at a meeting of representatives of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro and the Office for Development of Countries from the United Nations (UN).

The coordinator of the UN Council and the Permanent Representative of the United Nations in Montenegro, Fiona Meklouni, at a meeting with the Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Pavel Radulovic, said that currently the introduction of energy efficient vehicles is very important for every country and in Montenegro there are all conditions and great potential for this.

In his statement P. Radulovic noted that in this case it is necessary to consider the possibility of introducing tax incentives and incentives for those who use vehicles with zero emissions of harmful exhaust gases.

At the meeting, Fiona Meklouni said that she was satisfied with the successful cooperation between the UN and the Ministry of Development last year, and with the active support of the Government of Montenegro at the time when it was about ratifying the Paris Agreement. She also said that eco-certification in Montenegro is gaining momentum and more hotels and hotels in this country are joining the world community of clean housing.

"We are very satisfied with the cooperation with the UN and the results achieved, and we also expect that successful joint work will continue in the future", said Pavel Radulovich, Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro.

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