"Moto Santa Claus" went to Bijelo Polje to give gifts

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Today, at 10 o'clock in the morning, motorcyclists from the biker's association "No limit bikers" left Podgorica for Biela, where, in honor of the upcoming holidays, they will give New Year gifts to all children of the orphanage "Mladost".

This year representatives of the biker club "No limit bikers" (Podgorica) decided that, already traditional, the 6th New Year's action "Moto Santa Claus" will be held in the orphanage Molodost in the Montenegrin town of Bijelo Polje.

Participants of the New Year's rally, representing different cities of the northern and central regions of Montenegro, gathered in the morning in Hard Rock Cafe (Podgorica) and about 10 hours went from the capital of Montenegro to the coastal town of Herceg Novi. During the movement, other motor clubs from Ulcinj, Bar, Sutomore, Petrovac, Becici, Budva, and also from Kotor and Tivat joined them. At 12 o'clock they connected with bikers from Herceg Novi on the ferry crossing of the Kamenari-Lepetani and all went to the orphanage Molodost. Representatives of such motor clubs of Montenegro as "Noćni Vukovi", "Posejdon", "Vitezovi", "Sokolovi", "Moćnici", "Familija", "Titograd", "Pirat", "Cruser", "Independent" and "Đenka ".

In addition to all kinds of New Year gifts, in agreement with the administration of the city Herceg Novi, this time the children will bring more clothes and shoes. It is also worth noting that the bikers were supported by the radio and television of Montenegro.

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