In Herceg Novi (Montenegro), people cleaned beaches and coastal zones

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Last Sunday in the city of Herceg Novi and its environs, the purity of all beaches and coastal zones was controlled, the Montenegrin Communal Police Service reported. Employees of the municipal service visited 56 beaches and checked their condition after cleaning.

"The inspection of the beaches of Montenegro in winter is a new practice of the Community Policing Service, and in the future this checkup will be a permanent event for the beaches of the Herceg Nova Riviera to be clean throughout the year, and not only in the summer beach season," said the head of the department, Maria Andrić.

According to the statement of the mayor's office of the city of Herceg Novi, during the inspection it was established that of the 56 beaches are under control, 36 beaches were completely clean, 4 were cleaned by tenants during the inspection, and the tenants of the 5 beaches were given time by the inspectors to eliminate all violations. Another 11 beaches still continue to clean garbage, six of which are possessed by tenants, and five have not been leased and will be kept clean by employees of the cleaning company "Čistoća".

"If tenants fail to comply with all the provisions for the organization, maintenance and preservation of cleanliness of their beaches, the municipal service of the city of Herceg Novi will be forced to impose a fine on them. In addition, the State Service for Management of Coastal Zones will disqualify all irresponsible tenants under their re-applying for the rental of beaches, "M.Andrich said.

It is worth noting that the agreement on the use of marine resources, which all tenants sign, clearly defines their obligations, for example, "constant (even during the off-season), maintaining the cleanliness of the leased beach and water space, which includes the collection and removal of garbage from the territory beach, as well as cleaning the sea".

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