Dance Festival Sea Dance will no longer take place on the beach Jaz

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This year, the summer dance festival Sea Dance will not be held on the beach of Yaz, which is located near the popular resort town of Budva. This was announced by the chairman of the municipality of Budva, Dragan Krapovich.

Within two days, the authorities of the city of Budva will adopt the final budget for the next year, which is necessary to increase the total volume of investment in infrastructure and the development of the entire region. In connection with this, it was decided that the Sea Dance Dance Festival will no longer be held on the Yaz beach (Budva). If Budva really needs a summer dance festival, then the Council will gather again early next year, discuss all the points and take a decision on it, the chairman of the municipality said.

"This year for Budva was financially stable, but we have additional opportunities for even greater progress and major successes in terms of investment and development of the Budva municipality," said D.Krapovich. We have opened a civilian bureau, the Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities will soon start its work, the problems of sewage in the towns of Petrovac and Budva are solved, and much more.

"With great certainty, I can say that from this year the Sea Dance Festival will no longer be held on the beach of Jaz in Montenegro.The festival brought to Budva, and even to the whole of Montenegro, more recognition, popularity and an additional marketing breakthrough.This world-famous dance fastival has both good and bad years, however, in my opinion, it is not safe for the huge number lovers of electronic music who come to Montenegro from all over the world, which is confirmed by the organizers of the festival, "said Dragan Krapovic.

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