The British Association of Travel Agencies will promote Montenegro in 2018

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The largest British association of travel agencies and tour operators (ABTA) has included Montenegro in its annual Report on the latest trends in the global tourism industry in 2018 - "ABTA's 2018 Travel Trends Report". Montenegro is represented in this list as one of the 12 interesting countries for travel that deserve special attention from tourists from all over the world and which ABTA will actively promote through all its channels in 2018.

As reported by the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro, the report was made on the basis of information from the tourist market, tourist attitudes, news about the country received from members of the British Association, various studies and surveys related to last year, as well as expectations and forecasts of trends in tourism in 2018.

The report "ABTA's 2018 Travel Trends Report" presents 12 resorts, which are expected to attract public attention for a number of reasons, such as: improving accessibility and increasing the number of tourists thanks to new air routes, the organization of a major event or simply the country has come to declare itself. In 2018, according to the British Association of Travel Agencies, such countries are Argentina, Arizona, British Columbia, Germany, Malta, Montenegro, Nepal, New Zealand, Rwanda, Saint Lucia, Sweden and Turkey.

"In the submitted report Montenegro is recommended as a place for family rest, special attention will be paid to the country in May, when the association will make significant promotional steps for the promotion of Montenegro, as it was during this period that a significant number of Britains are choosing places for summer recreation," representatives said. National Tourism Organization of Montenegro.

The article entitled "Warm reception on the land of the Black Mountains" says that Montenegro will be much easier to visit in 2018 thanks to the introduction of direct flights from the United Kingdom of Great Britain. In addition, Montenegro is described as an ideal place to relax with untouched nature, picturesque meadows, pine forests and high mountains, as well as a high-quality resort located on the Adriatic coast.

Report on the latest trends in the global tourism industry in 2018 - "ABTA's 2018 Travel Trends Report" is available on the association's website, and on the YouTube page you can watch the official promotional video.

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