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The Library of Congress in Washington DC and the International Organization for Standardization have awarded the Montenegrin language a special international code - CRN from the ISO 639 standard set. This language code is necessary for processing data and communications between countries around the world.

"For the Montenegrin language, this International Code is a certain guarantor of security and protection from refusal or denial, as well as from unnecessary caricatures and archaisms," said professor of the philological faculty of the University of Montenegro, Raika Glushitsa. She also said that this code is a Montenegrin version of a single standard polycentric Serbian-Croatian language and, in her opinion, is a fair and rational solution.

"After assigning the relevant international codes to the Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian languages, there was absolutely no reason to award, according to the same principle, the international code to the Montenegrin language," R. Glushitsa reported. She also noted that the National Library "Đurđe Crnojević" sent a request to the United States about the assignment of the international code to the Montenegrin language and did everything possible to get a positive response from Washington.

Rajka Glušica also noted that the received international code of the Montenegrin language is very important for the entire Montenegrin culture and art, especially in the library activities of systematization, cataloging and classification of books, publications and library materials both in Montenegro and abroad. Now everything that relates to Montenegrin literature, publishing, culture and art will be processed in library collections and be marked with the international language code CRN.

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