Completion of the construction of the Mediterranean Garden in the capital of Montenegro

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The large-scale project The Mediterranean Botanical Garden, implemented by the authorities of the city of Podgorica and the Association of Nature-lovers Goritsa, represents the creation and restoration of green areas in the capital of Montenegro and will be completed in May 2018.

From the Podgorica City Bureau it was reported that the Botanical Garden of Mediterranean Plants was located just 500 meters from the center of the capital on the territory of about two thousand square meters and was in a unique junction of two ridges that form a hill.

About 40 species of various plants grow in the Goritsa region, which are of great importance not only for Montenegro, but also for the whole world, 14 are protected by Montenegrin law and 8 species are listed in the International Red Data Book. Also, representatives of the Bureau noted that at present most of the garden was overgrown with grass and other weeds.

"The Botanical Garden in Podgorica consists of two main parts: the first is intended for the cultivation of local plant species, and the second is divided into several plots for the cultivation of all kinds of Mediterranean plants, which are attended by students of the biological classes, as well as students of the Faculty of Biology and retirees. This places are ideal for active growth and reproduction of endemic and relict plant species characteristic of the Mediterranean climate and which are endangered due to treason iem climate, "said the head of Podgorica, Drago Dzhekovich. He also said that the preliminary design of this project was done by the Institute of Biology and Power of the capital of Montenegro in cooperation with well-known experts, biologists, architects and landscape designers.

The project of the Mediterranean Botanical Garden in Podgorica is expected to be completed in May 2018.

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