Cleaning of the island Lastavica and fortress Mamula

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At the moment, the clearing of the island of Lastavica and the fortress Mamula located on it, which is one of the main sights of Montenegro, is in full swing for their further restoration, reconstruction and construction of a five-star hotel.

In addition, the tenant, the Swiss company Orascom, is actively negotiating with the competent authorities of Montenegro, responsible for the cultural and historical heritage of the country, to determine what work it can do in the fortress of Mamula.

Meanwhile, the owner of the Portuguese architectural studio MCM Design, Miguel Canchio Martins, whose agency was hired by the company Orascoma, said that the ancient fortress of Mamula should be kept as much as possible. He also noted that since we live in the 21st century, in the construction of the hotel it is necessary to add a few modern technologies, influence and style.

"I must say that, at the present time, the technical regulations for the construction of residential buildings are rather strict and the hotel on the island of Lastavica must meet a number of strict rules concerning, for example, ventilation, heating and water supply systems, automatic irrigation and so on. All these things need space and all of them will undoubtedly influence the existing historical object. All this is a challenge for us, as it will be necessary to meet all technical requirements without violating the integrity and architecture of the island-fortress of Mamula", said Miguel Cancio Martins, adding that there will be several bars, restaurants, various rooms, small swimming pools, a spa and other facilities that will be integrated into the existing space of the island without any major interventions in the facility.

On the tiny island of Lastavica there will be not only a 5 star hotel, but also a museum that will be open to all residents and guests of Montenegro, regardless of whether they are guests of the hotel or not. It will be a small museum in which the history of the island-fortress of Mamula will be presented.

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