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Montenegrin carriers will not raise the cost of tickets for long distance and international road transport, despite the fact that the increase in value added tax (VAT) in Montenegro since 1 January, 2018 led to an increase in fuel prices by 4-6 cents, said the president of the Association of Carriers of Montenegro, Veselin Salamandia.

In addition, Veselin Salamandia added that an increase in VAT and a rise in the cost of fuel in Montenegro affect the competitiveness of transport companies in the region, their current costs and business.

"At the moment, I do not have information on whether Montenegrin carriers will raise tariffs for fare in long-distance and international road transport". The increase in fuel prices in the future will undoubtedly affect the cost of transportation of passengers and goods in Montenegro, spare parts will also have a negative impact on the cost of doing business. If we compare ourselves with neighboring states, we will see that there are lower prices for fuel, therefore, the carrier companies in these countries There are significantly fewer costs for transporting people or goods than motor transport companies in Montenegro", Salamandia said.

He, as president of the Association of Carriers, appealed to the Government and the Ministry of Transport of Montenegro that they pay special attention to the competitiveness of the freight and passenger transportation industry in the country, and also stress their work, in general, on their survival in the conditions of increasing the cost of fuel that was in past and continues this year. "I call on the authorities to pay attention to the fact that the increase in VAT definitely affects the trucking industry in Montenegro, as last year the prices for fuel were raised twice and, in general, grew by 2%.

It should be noted that after increasing the VAT and fuel prices, Montenegrin bus stations have not yet received notifications from Montenegrin carriers about the increase in the cost of tickets for long-distance and international flights.

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