Ski resorts in Montenegro are satisfied with the beginning of the winter season

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At the moment, residents and guests of Montenegro are very happy with the rest in the ski centers located in the northern regions of the country, namely, the quality of the ski slopes, infrastructure, service, personnel, weather and many other factors. It is worth noting that the ski resorts of Montenegro very carefully prepared for this winter season, which undoubtedly affected the number of people coming to ski, snowboard or sled on the snow-covered mountain slopes of Montenegro.

For the first time in the last few years, in the Zabljak Ski Center, in January, a lot of snow has fallen, and there is excellent weather, which attracts a huge number of skiers and snowboarders here, and we can say that this winter has already begun to meet the most daring expectations. Also very rare for the region of Zabljak and the Ski resort of Savin Kuk was the fact that on New Year's Eve and during the Christmas holidays there was a lot of snow and there were no snow storms, therefore, besides skiing along the mountain slopes, one could walk along the snowy forest around the Black Lake ...

In the Ski Center of Vucie, which is located 20 km from Niksic, there was enough snow on the track for beginners and snowboarders. It should be noted that there is practically no snow on the highway for professionals, so there are no lifts yet. Despite this, the leadership of the Vuchee Ski Complex and the instructors of Niksic ski schools hope that within a few days the region will have enough rate of precipitations.

The Ski complex Kolasin 1450 is also covered with snow and has already received a huge number of tourists, most of whom are Albanians and Russians. If on Saturday evening look at the parking located opposite the hotels "Bianca" and "Sheraton", it becomes clear that the "little Montenegrin town" at the weekend blooms and is full of tourists. Director of the Kolasin Mountain Ski Center 1450, Angela Vukovich, said that this weekend on the ski slopes there is a large number of visitors, which has been observed since December 2017. Also, representatives of the Kolasin Ski Resort 1450 reported that in the first ten days of January, more than 15,000 skiers and snowboarders swept the various routes of the Belasica mountain range.

If this goes on, then this year the ski season in Montenegro will last until the very spring.

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