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The state environmental protection company of Montenegro, JP Morsko dobro, in the near future, by concluding long-term investment contracts, intends to ensure the construction of new beaches and bathing areas in the municipality of the Montenegrin city of Herceg Novi, in order to increase and expand beach resources in proportion to the growth in the number hotels and hotels.

"Management of beaches and various places for bathing in Herceg Novi is one of the priority activities of our organization.In addition to reconstruction, planning, equipping and standardization of existing natural and man-made beaches, we also build and develop new places for bathing and beach areas on the the coast of the Adriatic Sea and in the Boka Bay of Kotor", said representative of JP Morsko dobro on the air of Jadran radio.

The statement also noted that in the near future construction and equipping of such places for bathing in the city of Herceg Novi will start: Rafaele beach, beach area in the western part of Kumbor, Marov potok and beaches on the eastern side of Kraljevog mula. The next stage will be the construction and development of public beaches in the central part of the Đenovići district: three in the Baosici and Kamenari districts, four in Bijelo and one in the Malo Rose Bay, which will significantly expand and improve beach rest in Montenegro.

We note that last year JP Morsko dobro concluded a total of 1.35 thousand contracts and received about 6.89 million euros for the use of Montenegrin marine resources.

The agreed completion date for each individual investment is from one to five years, which includes obtaining construction permits and drawing up project documentation. Representatives of the Morsko Good public company reminded that it is necessary to maintain cleanliness and public order in the coastal zone, to conduct seasonal and off-season maintenance of places for bathing, to clean up the beaches and clean the sea throughout the year, and to pay special attention to beaches of Montenegro in winter.

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