The anniversary dance festival Sea Dance 2018 will be held in Montenegro

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The 5th jubilee Dance Festival Sea Dance 2018 will remain in Montenegro and is reportedly to be held in an even more attractive, large and convenient place on the Adriatic coast.

Official dates and the final venue of the Sea Dance 2018 will be published on the official website of the event in full immediately after the official confirmation of the Municipality of Budva.

"The largest dance festival in Montenegro and one of the most important music festivals in the Mediterranean and the Balkans - Sea Dance, will definitely take place this year in Montenegro on its fifth anniversary, in spite of the unproved rumors in the Internet about its transfer from the country "said the founder of the company EXIT and the Sea Dance Festival, Dusan Kovačević.

It is worth noting that the organizers made the final decision to refuse to host the Sea Dance Festival on the Jaz (Budva) beach, as they received a very good offer to move to a new, much more attractive place on the Montenegrin coast, which would offer visitors much more conditions for recreation, and also has great potential to support in the future this largest Music Festival. The new territory for the festival has a large beach, a magnificent, almost untouched nature, crystal clear sea, and, most importantly, equipped place for camping and camping sites that are located in the shade, that was one of the most common complaints of foreign tourists about the Jaz beach .

"Sea Dance is one of five annual music festivals that our company EXIT organizes in five states. We hope very much that the municipality of Budva in the shortest time will officially approve the new location of the festival and sign all the necessary contracts so that we can publish as soon as possible the date and venue of the Sea Dance 2018 and start an international advertising campaign.As the dates of this event have not been published yet, this may adversely affect the influx of foreign tourists in the summer to Montenegro, who in December and January plan their annual trip, "said Dusan Kovacevic.

Representatives of the company EXIT said that the place found was a great success for them and a real relief after a lot of obstacles that from the very beginning constantly pursued them in the old place. Also, the organizers expect that the 5th Music Festival Sea Dance 2018 will be much better than the previous ones and should gather even more fans of dance music from around the world.

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