New houses for European roller were installed in Ulcinjska solana

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Representatives of the National Parks of Montenegro (NPCG) installed 16 houses on the territory of the bird sanctuary Ulcinsky Solana for European roller (Latin Coracias garrulus), which is one of the endangered species of birds, and also nests in this area of ​​Montenegro.

The European roller is a migratory bird that hibernates, as a rule, in the tropical and southern regions of Africa. In Montenegro, it can be seen from the middle of April or early May. The area of ​​the Ulcinj Solana lakes is mostly covered with low vegetation, which does not give this bird enough nesting space. That is why the representatives of Montenegrin National Parks and other organizations decided to make and install in Solana new houses for nesting for this birds, thereby creating favorable conditions for the life and reproduction of these endangered species of birds.

The NPCG reported that this environmental project was created in order to preserve and protect biodiversity in the area of ​​the reserve Ulcinska Solana mine. This program is realized thanks to the close cooperation of Montenegro with the Slovenian ornithologist Borut Stummer, as well as thanks to the donations and assistance of many people who work in Solana and a huge number of volunteers.

"In this regard, we decided to change the old non-functional boxes for nesting of the european roller (16 pieces) to new houses, which were made based on our experience and acquired knowledge," representatives of the National Parks of Montenegro said. They also said that they will continue their activities in the future, which is aimed at preserving and protecting biodiversity, improving the existing infrastructure and creating new favorable conditions for nesting birds in the Ulcinskaya Solana.

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