The Mimosa Festival began with a bright carnival procession along the streets of Herceg Novi

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Today, in the Montenegrin city of Herceg Novi, a bright carnival procession called "The Judgment of the Red Beetle" ("Sudiće Crvenki Surlašić") took place. Thus, the 49th Mimoza Festival was launched, which was organized by the City Hall and will be officially opened on 2 February, 2018.

A colorful carnival with dances, songs and unrestrained fun passed through the streets of the city of Herceg Novi and culminated in the installation of "the main culprit of all human ills last year" in the square of Nikolai Dzhurkovich, "Red Beetle, where he will appear before the" civil court "at the end of the Mimosa Festival .

It should be noted that, thanks to the company JUK Herceg fest, the Secretariat for Cultural Affairs and the Municipality of Herceg Novi, the organizers of the Mimosa Festival, for the first time this year, the main carnival doll will be on the square of Nicola Jurkovicha for two days, along with all allegorical compositions, participating in the carnival procession.

This procession is one of the three carnival parades, which this year will be held in Montenegro. The largest and colorful carnival will be held on the closing day of the Mimosa Festival before the "civil court" over the Red Beetle. Five famous foreign groups from Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia will take part in this carnival procession.

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