Cruise ships arriving in Montenegro have to pay an environmental tax

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Head of the Laboratory of Ichthyology and Fisheries at the Institute of Marine Biology at the Institute of Marine Biology, Dr. Alexander Eksimovich, on Skala radio said that huge and noisy cruise liners, when entering the Bay of Kotor, with their powerful screws set in motion a huge amount of water, thereby raising sediment from the seabed, they certainly affect the state of the underwater life in the bay. That is why, for liners and large ships coming to Montenegro, it is necessary to introduce an environmental tax.

"Cruise liners in the tourist and economic terms are needed for the country and are fully justified, but not ecologically." According to local fishermen, every year the fish in Kotor Bay are getting smaller and smaller. The sediment that rises after cruise ship flora and fauna of the Bay of Kotor, since there is the smallest depth, and the incoming liners are very noisy during their maneuvers in the bay, and since the sound in the water is spreading much faster than in the air, therefore, "The cruise liners coming to Montenegro must pay an environmental tax," A. Eksimovich said.

He also noted that the Institute of Marine Biology is ready to conduct all the research and make a corresponding report on the impact of cruise ships on the state of wildlife at sea, but for this they need additional funding.

"Various technical studies would help us to know what damage to the sea's biodiversity is caused by the liners, then it becomes clear that, in connection with the development of tourism and cities in Montenegro, we sacrifice the ecological component, but each ship will pay an eco tax to the treasury , then this money can be used both for the development of coastal cities and for the modernization of the fishing industry of the country. There are not only such problems in our country, coastal countries of the world have long approved at the legislative level and the tax on the environment and receive monetary compensation from the activities of cruise liners.It is also necessary for us to do this, "said Alexander Eksimovic.

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