Montenegro declared a red danger level of weather conditions

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Meteorological Service of Montenegro warned residents and guests of the country that on Friday and Saturday on the coast and in the central part of Montenegro weather is expected to deteriorate, and in some places a stormy wind with showers and thunder is possible and declared the Red level of the weather conditions.

"On Friday and Saturday, we expect a red level of weather hazard in Montenegro, accompanied by heavy precipitation and a hurricane, and we warn people that these weather conditions can lead to property damage and pose a threat to human life. resort towns and on the roads running along the coast, so we advise drivers to be extremely cautious, "said meteorologist Vucina Popovic. In addition, V.Popovic warns that floods can lead to landslides.

Bad weather is expected on the coast of Montenegro. The Adriatic Sea will be very stormy, and waves can reach a height of up to 1 meter. In the morning it will be mostly cloudy with fine rain, and weather deterioration is expected on the night from Friday to Saturday, when the southern wind begins to increase and its gusts reach a storm force.

"Dry weather, precipitation and temperature rise are expected on Monday, and rain is only possible in the south of Montenegro, but on Tuesday it will continue to ravage bad weather with showers and thunder," added Vuchina Popovich.

Residents and guests of Montenegro these days need to be extremely cautious and constantly monitor the weather forecast.

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